Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is is legal to purchase/ possess Psilocybe Cubensis Syringes in the UK?

Answer: Yes

Whilst Psilocin & Psilocybin are schedule 1 controlled substances in the UK they are found in mature mushroom fruiting bodies. Mushroom spores/Immature early stage mycelium do not contain either Psilocin or Psilocybin so the sale/purchase/possession are not regulated under UK law. 

Question: What payments do you accept?

Answer: Paypal and Bank Transfer

We accept Paypal and bank transfer, the instructions on how to complete the payment for your order are included after your order is placed. If you have any issues completing payment feel free to contact us by e-mail and we will be sure to assist you.

Question: When can I expect my order?

Answer: Within 3 working days

We aim to dispatch your order next day first class. Because we work in batches, if our stock is depleted it takes 1 working day to replenish. This ensures your substrate kits reach you as soon as possible after sterilisation but also means there may be a slight delay between placing your order and dispatch.

Question: Do you have discreet shipping?

Answer: Yes, our packing is plain and does not indicate the contents.

Your order is secured with bubble wrap inside a plain postage box or large envelope. The address contains no mention or spores or substrate. Boxes have no custom logos or writing.