Sterilised Millet Grain Bag


Millet Grain Bag Sterilised with injection port

Grow mushrooms at home! Simple and easy. Just inject and forget!

Designed for use with our Pasteurised Coir substrate once colonised!

  • Isolated Spores sold separately Here
  • Sterile and ready to inoculate.
  • Contains hydrated sterile millet grain, gypsum and calcium carbonate
  • Designed for simple easy inoculation
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  • This is a sterile grain bag, it contains all the food, water and air exchange needed to support mycelium growth and produce grain spawn. For the 2LB bag you need 10ml of solution and for the 4LB bag you need 20ml.

  1. How to use; clean an area, wash your hands, wipe down the surfaces, close any windows and doors and have all your equipment neatly arranged in your workspace.
  2. How to prepare syringe: Remove the syringe, needle and alcohol wipe from the plastic sleeve, open the sterile needle. Unscrew the syringe stopper and screw the needle onto the syringe in its place.
  3. How to prepare bag: Remove the bag from clear bag and wipe down the black circular injection port and surrounding areas on the grow bag with the supplied alcohol wipe. This disinfects the surface and minimises risk of introducing contamination during the inoculation.
  4. How to inoculate: Remove the needle cap and insert the needle through the injection port. Inject your solution, aiming to inject small amounts in multiple areas/ directions. Some directly into the grain and some against the inside of the bag so it runs down and covers the front of the grain. Remove the needle once all the solution is injected, replace the needle cap on the needle. Tape over the injection port. Mix the grain evenly, you want the inoculant to be spread as evenly through the grain as possible.
  5. How to incubate: Place the bag stood upright in a warm place out of direct sunlight with the clear bag supplied over the top of the filter bag. Ideal temperature for the bag is 24ºC ( 75ºF), keep within a range of 22ºC-26ºC (71ºF-78ºF) for best results. If using a heat mat or external heat source then heat the surrounding air and not the bag directly. Do not disturb or move the kit, you will see growth within 7 days, the growth should be white. If there are large patches of un-colonised grain you may need to massage the substrate, breaking up the colonised areas and mixing evenly with the un-colonised substrate. 
  6. How to fruit: Purchase a 6LB bag of our pasteurised substrate, the 4LB’s of grain spawn are broken up and combined in a monotub, shoe box or similar procedure. There are instructions on how to do so on our website. 
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2LB's, 4LB's

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